Is dot-mobi Web site part of your dental marketing strategy?

How many BlackBerries, iPhones and other Web phones can you see in possession of your patients? Ask your reception persons to take a quick survey in your waiting room, how many of Web phones they can see in the hands during the day. Perhaps you can ask a question regarding availability of Web phone on your Patients Information Health Form.

A web site should become a convenient information and communication channel between your medical office and your patients, How many BlackBerry and iPhone users would welcome opportunity to become your patients, once they discover your mobi dental Web site.

Your Web site can be viewed by any computer and indexed by Google, as any other natural search. dot-mobi signifies means of preferred access. It is mobile device like Web phone that can display mobile web site in readable format since the sites are formatted for small mobile screens.

Yorkville Dentistry mobile Web site on iPhone

Click to Yorkville Dentistry mobi Web site

Coxwell Dental Care mobile Web site on iPhone

Click to Coxwell - Danforth Dental care mobi Web site

Benefits of dot-mobi Web sites:

  • Phone number becomes click-able to Call!
  • Web sites are light with graphics and fast loading.
  • Economical for Web phone user with small monthly data plans of 1GB.
  • Web site are formated to be clearly visible by small screens of BlackBerry, iPhones and other Web phones.
  • Web site have Appointment Request and health Information Forms.
  • Yoing generation that is very professional in texting preferso nline communication via forms, over phone calling.

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Dental and/or Medical eForms, Dental or Medical Web Forms or online Forms. These are synonyms expressing eCommerce functions for Medical or Dental professions, providing convenience to the patients to request services 24/7, while keeping informed medical or dental practitioners about these events in real time.