IcyCRM Services - About.

What is IcyCRM? IcyCRM is an IT high tech organization engaged in custom development for medical and insurance organization, Web site development, Web site hosting, Web site SEO ( Search Engines Optimization ) services and online promotion.

IcyCRM service can be obtained a la carte for medical or dental office that has fully functioning Web site and competent Web designer that can integrate IcyCRM eForms with your current Web site.

For those medical or dental office that would like to take advantage of our comprehensive package of services, we can provide:

  • 1) Web development for your professional Web site.
  • 2) Hosted Back Office for IcyCRM IT services.
    Secure eForms development and hosting.
  • 3) Hosting of your Web site.
  • 4) SEO services and positioning of your Web site on Google.
  • 5) Promotion of your Web site in IcyCRM directories and Web sites
  • 6) Mobile Web site development.
  • 7) Mobile Web site promotion and SEO services.
  • 8) Custom IT design for medical and insurance community. Toronto.DentistryDentistsDental.mobi Web site
Dental and/or Medical eForms, Dental or Medical Web Forms or online Forms. These are synonyms expressing eCommerce functions for Medical or Dental professions, providing convenience to the patients to request services 24/7, while keeping informed medical or dental practitioners about these events in real time.